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Book is Currently
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  • Foreword 5
  • Getting Beyond Shapes 11
  • Major Triad 19
    • One Octave Fingerings 20
    • Shape Summaries 32
    • Two Octave Arpeggios 34
    • Sample Chords 36
  • Minor Triad 37
    • One Octave Fingerings 38
    • Shape Summaries 50
    • Two Octave Arpeggios 52
    • Sample Chords 54
  • Diminished Triad 55
    • One Octave Fingerings 56
    • Shape Summaries 68
    • Two Octave Arpeggios 70
    • Sample Chords 72
  • Augmented Triad 73
    • One Octave Fingerings 74
    • Shape Summaries 86
    • Two Octave Arpeggios 88
    • Sample Chords 90
  • Contemporary Triads 91
  • Major Scales Chart 93
  • Practicing 95
  • Final Thoughts

Book is Currently
Out of Print

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QUICKSTART - Scale Fingerings for Ukulele

Learn to create exciting solos in a variety of contemporary styles!

Scales are used to improvise, create melodies and riffs. With a broad knowledge of the essential scales that are used in contemporary music and a mastery of the ukulele's fingerboard and fingering principles you’re well on your way.

Master these fingerings and unlock your potential as a ukulele player!

Available for Standard Soprano, Concert and Tenor ukuleles tuned to (G C E A) - Key of “C” tuning and Tenor and Baritone ukuleles tuned to (D G B E) - Key of “G” tuning.

QUICKSTART - Scale Fingerings for Ukulele is a concise, well organized book ideal for any ukulele player beginning to explore improvisation. Scale Fingerings for Ukulele keeps a sharp focus on six critical scales, their fingerings and their related chords. All material is covered in every key.

Whether your interest is in Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country or somewhere in between Scale Fingerings for Ukulele is a valuable addition to your musical library.


QUICKSTART - Scale Fingerings for Ukulele is a highly organized, efficient system of scale fingerings. Each fingering pattern is shown with a fingerboard shape, TAB and standard music notation. Related chords are also explained for each scale.

Master these fingerings and unlock your potential as a ukulele player.



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  • 9/21/2005 - (20050921.1.3) Fixed typos and minor format tweaks to keep both the "C" and "G" tuning version in sync.
  • 9/5/2005 - (20050912.1.2) Adding some additional fingering information for augmented triads to the summary section.
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