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This page contains a collection of links and resources to TAB site around the web.

Ukulele TAB Sites

A collection of sites around the web with TABs for ukulele.

My Take on TAB!

TAB, short for tablature

Wikipedia states: "An alternate usage of the word "tab" is common on the Internet, where it can also refer to conventional chord symbols (for harmony), or note names (for melody)."

(Curt Sheller) This a departure from what has been traditionally known as TAB. There's a lot of sites on the Internet, especially ukulele sites popping up that claim to be TAB sites. These are mostly sites with the chords and lyrics to songs, with or without chord diagrams. Not really “TAB”, but I guess we’re stuck with an expansion of the definition of TAB.

I don't have anything against TAB. It is useful tool I use with beginning students for getting a start learning an instrument such as the ukulele, guitar, banjo, etc... It definitely gets you learning the songs you like and already know and like. However that is actually one of its major drawbacks, you need to know the song already. It also has several long term drawbacks. Checkout my lesson on The Trouble with TAB! for more information.

Dominic “Dominator” Pieranunzio

Dominic “Dominator” Pieranunzio

Roseville, California


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from the Dominic “Dominator” Pieranunzio web site

A little about me: Primarily a self taught guitarist, pursuing the ukulele for approximately six years, I have spent the last couple of years concentrating on the ukulele. Not being able to find tablature for the ukulele in the same quality and format as was (and still is) available for the guitar is the motivation behind this site. Since books containing ukulele tab were not available, I decided I would try to transcribe the songs myself and make them available for others to learn from as well.


Ukulele TAB Sites & Resources

  • Dominator Ukulele Tabs - link - Dominic "Dominator" Pieranunzio has some of the best ukulele TABs available on-line. And, a great player as well.
  • Chord Melody Ukulele Solos by Geoff Davis - link - Blue Stone Folk School - Each download contains a chord and lyric sheet, a chord melody arrangement, a performance tempo video and an instruction tempo video.
  • Classical Ukulele Arrangements - link

    Classical and early music for the Ukulele

  • daddystovepipe tabs - link
  • ezFolk - link
  • Richard Gillmann's Free Ukulele Tab Links - link

    Richard has a big list of links to ukulele TABs around the web.

  • MeleNui - link - MeleNui is a new source for Hawaiian and local ukulele tabs submitted by users. They are non-profit and ad-free!
  • Ken Middleton - link - New book - 12 Tunes for Bluegrass Ukulele. And, a great collection of FREE TABs with video links.
  • NALU music - link - This is the late ukulele great, John King's site. John is a master classical guitarists and ukulele player. Also a very knowledgeable historian of all things ukulele.
  • Tab-U-Learn - Tab-U-Learn

    Tabs for Baritone Ukulele,Tenor Ukulele, and Harmonica

  • Joseph Todaro Todaro's Music - link
  • TRI-TABS - link

    The Easy Way To Learn Fingerstyle On Any Ukulele.

  • UkeLand - - UkeCast is your source for new ukulele music, news, reviews, interviews and more!
  • Ukulele Zoo -
  • Ukulele Tabs - link - Tablatures for ukulele

Other TAB & Transcription Resources

Don't forget to checkout other instruments for sources of great transcriptions.

  • Steve Khan

    Steve Khan is one of my all-time favorite guitarists. Steve has a wealth of great information and transcription on his site.

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