Tying Ukulele Strings to the Bridge

Bridge Pins, Picking Strings, Tying Strings to Tuning Pegs and Bridge, etc...

Tying Strings

  • Tiki King "How to" section, How to change strings - link

    Slotted bridge, Tie bridge, Pin bridge

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  • Ukulele - Changing Strings, Ukulele workshop by Rigk Sauer (RISA Musical Instruments) about changing the strings of your ukulele - link

    (Ed. Great information on tying and stringing all types of ukuleles. Rigk is the manufacture and builder it RISA ukuleles.


Bridge pins are used on some musical instruments to locate the string precisely in the horizontal plane, and in the case of harpsichords to affect the sustain of the strings.

  • Slotted Bridge Pins have a groove or slot cut in them which providing room for a string to pass between the pin and bridge.
  • Solid Bridge Pins require a notch in the pin for the string.
  • Bridge Pin Material affect the tone of the instruments and can be any material and typically wood, bone, plastic, fossilized ivory or metal.
  • Bridge-Pin Science by John Mickelson - link

    What role do bridge pins play in sound? Aren't they just to keep the strings from flying off?

    Site discusses slotted vs. no slots. Bridge pin material and how it affects an instruments tone.

  • Guitar Bridge Pins and their effect on tone by Mury's Music
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