Here are a few ukulele string sets to try out first:

I bounce between the Ko`olau Strings and Savarez Alliance (Red Card-R) on my tenor ukuleles.

koolau-alohi.pngThe Ko'olau strings are shaping up to be pretty good on my ukulele.

Ko'olau `Alohi strings are available right here on my site.

Basically I like Fluorocarbon strings.

String Comparison Using a Kala KTE CT

Here is a string comparison of several brands of strings by Music Guy Mike. Mike sadly passed away Fall of 2013 and was a great asset to the ukulele community, I throughly enjoyed running into and hanging out with Mike whenever we would cross paths at various ukulele festivals.

Ko'olau Gold

Ko'olau Alohi

Ko'olau Mahana



Kala Reds


Worth CT


Hilo All Plain Black Nylon


Fremont Fluorocarbon Strings

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