Here are a few ukulele string sets to try out first. These are sets that have a good reputation among ukulele players. I personally like the full line of Martin Ukulele strings and the Ko`olau 'Alohi strings.

savarez_541Rkoolau-alohiI bounced between the Ko`olau `Alohi Strings and Savarez Alliance (Red Card-R) on my tenor ukuleles. Savarez now makes a dedicated ukulele string set for soprano/concert and tenor ukuleles. No low G, so I use the D'Addarrio Pro-Arte J4304 for the Low G. These are the same Alliance KF stings that I've always been using just in a ukulele package.

koolau-golds.png koolau-mahana.png koolau-alohi.png freemont-ukulele-strings.png uke-DAdarrio-djt2.png uke-DanielMari.png uke-Freemont.png uke-Hilo.png uke-Aquila.png uke-GHS.png uke-Labella.png

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