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Ukulele string manufactures for standard, concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles.

I bounce between the Ko`olau `Alohi Strings and Savarez Alliance on my performance tenor ukulele for years.

savarez_541Rkoolau-alohiI bounced between the Ko`olau `Alohi strings and Savarez Alliance (Red Card-R) on my tenor ukuleles. Savarez now makes a dedicated ukulele string set for soprano/concert and tenor ukuleles. No low G, so I use the D'Addarrio Pro-Arte J4304 for the Low G. These are the same Alliance KF stings that I've always been using just in a ukulele package.


Manufactures & Dealers

Martin-M-600Full line of Martin ukulele strings for soprano, concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles are available right here on my site. These are the strings I endors and use on all my performance ukuleles.

koolau-alohiSelect Ko'olau tenor ukulele strings are available right here on my site.

If you're into trying out a lot of different strings then one of the widest variety of Ukulele Strings are available are at: Elderly Instruments and the on-line resource I use most;

Our family music store, Funky Frets carries the Ko'olau line of ukulele strings and we have the tenor sets available that I use on several of my ukuleles. For the Savarez strings that I use we have a a custom set available from Funky Frets.

For information on using classical guitars strings on ukulele.

Strings By Mail

13795 Seven Hills Road
Suite A
Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone: 231-223-7788
Toll Free within the USA: 1-800-513-8271
Fax: 231-223-7798


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Established in 1999 Strings by Mail is owned and operated by experienced musicians & true aficionados. They take pride in helping each customer reach their fullest potential, through our complete product line, our excellent delivery, and our professional guidance. They specialize in music, strings, accessories, CD/DVDs and special orders.



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