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Software and Mobile App Links and Information

Apple Apps (iPhone, iPad

  • EUMlab

    A great selections of apps for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Mobile Apps

Mac OS X, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android

John Baxter of UkeFarm has the best listings of apps, so there's no need to re-invent the wheel.

  • Mobile Music Apps has a great collection of links and information on mobile music apps.

Windows Apps

  • I don't do Windows if at all possible.!!!

A search in iTunes for “ukulele” will show everything related to ukulele, iPhone and iPad apps as well as music.

I've listed a few of the notable apps and developers that I've used below.

EUM lab


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These are some really nicely designed apps and a great add to your music toolbox. Curt

( from listing's site ) - My name is Shawn (in chinese 肖轶翔, Xiao Yixiang). I was born in Guiyang and had my college study in SWJTU in Chengdu, China. Currently I am living in Cologne, Germany.


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