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  • Main Ukulele Page

    ALl things ukulele and a good place to start.

  • Tune Up!!!

    Always play in tune. THis pages has on-line resources for getting in tune and a few recommended electronic tuners.

  • Getting Started

    Don't where to start or what's next? Visit this page for the possibilities.

  • Instruments

    Major manufactures, custom builder and luthiers.

  • Amplifiers

    Want to be heard. Plug yourself in to an amplifiers. A few of the manufactures that have a decent rep among performers.

  • Pickups & Preamps

    Active and passive pickup systems for amplifying your ukulele.

  • Books

    My ukulele book offerings. These go great with the lessons. With of lot of the lesson material drawn from the books.

  • Playing Blues on Ukulele

    Yes! You can play the blues on a ukulele. A good place to start when learning to solo and go beyond the third fret of the uke for chords.

  • Building Ukes

    Resource for learning to build your own ukulele. Schools, plans and resources for budding builders.

  • Cables

    If you are amplified and need a cable look here.

  • Care and Feeding Your Ukulele

    Care can be as simple as changing strings and a good case to controlling humidity and temperature.

  • Cases

    Protect your ukulele when traveling.

  • Ukulele Clubs

    Ukulele clubs, societies and meetings. The largest number of listings and links on the web. More than just a link, club and contact information as well. Find a club in your neck of the woods.

  • Cool Ukes

    Some really cool, non traditional ukuleles.

  • Dealers

    My recommend list of reputable dealers when shopping for a ukulele. Includes USA and International dealers.

  • Direct Boxes

    You'll need one of these with a passive ukulele pickup.

  • FAQ

    Just like it says. I answer questions that popup time and time again. Or, I just make questions up the I want to answer.

  • Forums

    Online gatherings of like minded ukulele players and fans.

  • History

    A few resources on the history of the `ukulele.

  • Jazz

    The ukulele is capable of far more than just strumming a few chords.

  • L E S S O N S

    A massive, well over 500+ ukulele lessons I've authored over the years. For beginners to advanced players.

  • Links

    A massive collection of links to ukulele sites around the world.

  • Magazines

    Magazines catering to ukulele and ukulele players.

  • Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous ukulele goods and information that has't found its way into other areas of the ukulele section.

  • Movies

    Movies about the ukulele. Check out The Mighty Uke

  • Musicians

    Fellow ukulele musicians

  • News

    The latest and greatest ukulele news and links to sites with ukulele news.

  • Organizations

    Organizations, Guilds and Societies dedicated to ukulele.

  • Quotes

    Some of my favorite ukulele related quotes

  • Recording

    Tips and information on how to record a ukulele.

  • Radio & Podcasts

    Ukulele specific radio broadcasts and pod casts.

  • Shows & Festivals

    Listings of ukulele festivals around the world. Listed by country, state and month.

  • Strings

    All about ukulele strings. Links, information and string resources.

  • TABs
  • Teachers

    Ukulele Teachers listings. A qualified, experienced ukulele teacher is a great way to get started in the right direction.

  • Tunings

    Common and not so common ukulele tunings.

  • * * * FREE BOOKS * * *

    A selection of my ukulele books available for free download.

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