Repertoire, the songs we play and how we play them. A song is a vehicle of self expression. So whether your playing your songs or other peoples songs. It's all about the song.

There are four elements of a repertoire regardless of your chosen instrument.

Single Note Melody

Melody is the most recognizable element of a song. Without the melody, anyone would be hard pressed to even identify what song is being played playing.

Background or Accompaniment

These are the chords that support the melody. Players use their chord knowledge and rhythmic sense to create effective accompaniments for melodic instruments, singers and improvisers.

Melody and Chord

This is the technique of combining the chords and melody of a song or composition. It is unique to jazz and ultimately requires an extensive chord vocabulary and a strong grip on harmony – the how chords work together.


The ability to solo over the changes – the chord progression. Improvisation has been a hallmark of jazz. Improvisation is created by drawing from four sources: scales, arpeggios, intervals and sequences. This is what really draws a lot of musicians to play jazz. The spontaneous composition or combustion, at times of creating music on the fly.

Visit the Songs section of the site for a wide selection of my jazz melody and chord arrangements.

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