Reading is the ability to reproduce music from written notation. It includes five phases: note recognition, alternate note locations, rhythm recognition, fingering considerations, communication terminology and interpretations.

Reading Standard Music Notation

toon_flute_readingReading on guitar and to a lesser extent on the ukulele is hard. With note duplication and alternate locations. The fingering issues inherent to the non-equal distant tuning. It's no wonder guitar and ukulele players a like avoid learning to read.

Sight Reading vs. Reading

There are types of reading. One, is sight reading. This akin to reading a book or magazine. Your reading it in real time without having seen it before hand. This is what studio and show musicians do as part of they job.

The second is reading music to learn a new song or exploring music written in standard music notation. This is a lot easier obtainable goal.

Either way, reading is the ability to read notes, chords and rhythm. Whether it's a simple chord chart or a full blown score. It's definitely doable with the right plan.

The easiest place to start is the open position on the guitar or ukulele.

Reading TAB is NOT reading music.

Learning the Fingerboard Resources

If there in one thing that has the most bang for the buck, and these are FREE,. It's really learning the names of the notes of the ukulele fingerboard in your favorite tuning. This is not reading it's just knowing that fret (5) is C F A D and fret (2) is A D F# B. being able to know the name of any fret on any string like second nature.

Standard Music Notation

Reading Lessons

  • Reading Music on Ukulele - A Primer

    A series of nine lessons for learning to read music in open position on ukulele. For C tuning.

  • Reading TAB & Chord Grids

    TAB or Tablature is a form of musical notation, which tells players where to place their fingers on a particular instrument rather than which pitches to play.

    Generally speaking, TAB or tablature is commonly used by informally trained musicians in folk, popular and rock music.

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