Visit the Below Sites for Breaking News

I've been getting my ukulele news via Google and Yahoo news alerts as well as the above sites.

Another source of ukulele news is the various BLOGs maintained around the web.

  • I visit Ukulelia, The World's Greatest Ukulele Webblog!, most days for the latest ukulele news.

Advice from Byron Yasui

YasuiB.png I know I'm sounding like a music teacher, but my advice is learn music and learn music theory. Because once you learn music theory, you don't need anybody to teach you. You can figure things out for yourself. And the sky's the limit, there's no limit. … Byron Yasui

Byron Yasui is a professor of music theory at the University of Hawaii and a master of classical and jazz music.

Here are a few Ukulele Forums to visit

Creating News Alerts


  • Yahoo Ukulele Groups (link...)
  • The Yahoo Ukulele group - Ukulele Madness is pretty active.
  • BigGregsukes · Ukuholics Anonymous
  • - Meet with other local Ukulele players to exchange tune suggestions and have quirky jam sessions! [ link ]
  • Wikiverse - Ukulele News - [ link ]
  • The Uke with Ed Kalua - link
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