Finding Fellow Ukulele Players

toon_you_are_hereMeeting up and joining with other local Ukulele players to exchange tunes and have quirky jam sessions!

One of of the best places to find like players and clubs in your area, other then here is: The Flea Market Music Players Directory

Posting to one of the frequented ukulele forums and bulletin boards is a good place to find fellow ukulele players and fans.

Ukulele festivals are a great place to find players and ukulele clubs.

If your ukulele club has missing information or information that needs corrected on this site or would like to be listed please contact Curt Sheller, Curt Sheller Publications. Or, use the link to the form below. ALL CLUB LISTINGS ARE FREE

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Teacher and Club Discounts

Ukulele Club and Teacher discounts are available for all ukulele and guitar books by Curt Sheller. Curt Sheller Publications is a small publishing company, basically me, myself and I. I can work directly with teachers and ukulele clubs. I offer a 20% discount when ordering multiple copies of any title by me, Curt Sheller.

toon_ScreenwriterAs a private music/instrument teacher myself, I know the importance of supplementing your teaching income with performance and product sales. Selling books or writing your own book or books, which I can help with as well, is a great way to earn some extra income.

Contact Curt at 484-942-4080 for more information or send an email.

Ukulele Clubs and Teachers can order my books using this handy order form at Ukulele Clubs Order form.

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All submissions will be verified before posting. I DO visit all club sites.

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