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I have a big list of ukulele clubs right here at CurtSheller.com - one, if t the largest list of clubs on the net.

More than a simple list of links – I've collected and organized a BIG list of clubs and resources for clubs.

New ukulele club listings and updates are always welcome and are FREE.

Flea Market Music's Player Directory

logo-uke_can_change_the_world.pngFlea Market Music's Player Directory ( www.fleamarketmusic.com/directory/default.asp )

Flea Market Music's Player Directory allows you to add yourself to the growing list of ukers in the search of fellow strummers. You can search for players by screen name, U.S. Players by state, International Players by country, start a local Player Group or find a group near you and join in the fun.


logo-Meetup-sm.pngMeetup is the world's largest network of self-organized clubs and community groups. Here is the Ukulele Meetup page.

Meetup helps people:

  • Find others in their area who share their interests
  • Learn, teach, and share things
  • Make friends and have fun
  • Rise up, stand up, unite, and make a difference
  • Be a part of something bigger—both locally and globally

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One of the largest collections of lessons, songs and TABS, archtop luthiers, ukulele builders, festival information, ukulele links on the web. I’ve been on the web since the early 90's and growing everyday. This site just never stops growing!!!