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Accessing Your Lessons and Related Material for Active Students?

Your current and previous lessons can be downloaded from the Lessons tab.

help_assets_tabTo access referenced lessons, books, songs and any sessions notes use the Assets tab and popup menu.

The referenced lessons are listed in the most recent order added.


Your Lesson Schedule


Every active student has a calendar showing their lesson schedule. These are my target dates for delivering a new lesson to your Student Assets and Resources account page.

Site Members Account Page?

A few lessons and books are part of ALL active site memberships. These are accessed just as an active student would access their lesson material.

How Much Practice?

Practice, would be better described as exploration – not a “practice”

As far as practice is concerned, do as much as you can. Realize that there are many things and activities competing for you time and attention – work, family, school, money, etc, etc. You WILL progress in my program of study. Only your rate of progress is variable and of course, related to time and effort you put into it. No matter the time available, you will progress.

Unlike the traditional schools system with grades, tests, pressure to progress at a pre-established pace and competition. Private one-on-one study has none of that, this is pure learning. You learn because you want to learn. I provide the tools, guidance and organization to make that happen for you.

All learning is cumulative, especially learning a musical instrument like the ukulele and guitar. Don't worry about the weeks with low or no practice. You always continue to get benefit from any previous practice sessions. Your goal is to improve – day by day – week by week. That won't stop you from achieving your goals.

Simply play as much as you can, interacting with other musicians. At the very least, work with prerecorded tracks, CDs and/or YouTube. Those tracks could be professionally produced or they could be just you recording and playing over chord changes.

Enjoy the process of developing your skills. Don’t be overly focused on some objective standard about your proficiency. There is no objective standard!

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