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Featured Amplifier Builders & Manufactures

logo-Fishman logo-AERPeriodically I feature a particular amplifier manufacture that offers an exception amp. This is the line of amps that our Funky Frets store will carries. The Fishman Loudbox series of amps are what I personally use for a lot of acoustic performances. Works great with guitar, naturally and great with ukulele.

I also use an AER Compact 60 for performances - guitar or ukulele. Works great for both.

  • Amplifying Your Ukulele

    I have a section of the site dedicated to amplifying your ukulele. Covers pickups and amplifiers.

  • The AX84TM Project

    The AX84TM Project offers homebrew guitar amplifier and effects projects for beginners and experts alike. The project was created to make information freely available for individuals who wanted to design, discuss and/or build music electronics devices like tube guitar amps, while fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie between those who know and those who want to know.

  • Educational Encyclopedia, Tube Amplifiers

    Tube amp FAQ building or rebuilding hi-fi equipment. ... Tube amplifier schematics archive of some of the best built bass and guitar tube amplifier...

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